Worcester Tea Party Massachusetts review of Joker 2019

Joker: A Worcester Tea Party Movie Review

Joker lives up to the hype with an excellent backstory of the Batman saga.  The movie illustrates the slippery slope life takes when nearly all decisions in a society are political.  The movie comes frighteningly close to today’s unfortunate reality. 

Without any spoilers, the movie overall takes one from a sympathy for the devil theme squarely into Joker territory, brilliantly.  As the city becomes overwhelmed with crime and waste of all kind, the only hope the city has is a politician who can swim in the filth. 

Thomas Wayne is poised to be the hero to all those in despair throughout Gotham when Joker’s mother proclaims that everybody believes he will save their city.  When asked ‘everybody, who?’  She replies, “Everybody on the news. He’s the only one who can save the city.  He owes it to us.”

Herein we see the deep-seated immorality of an almost wholly political state.  Those who choose to live in a society that willingly surrenders such power to the government can only do so by a deep lack of self esteem and fear of having to live with the consequences of one’s actions.  Therefore, of course, “Everybody on the news” is every opinion, and [Wayne] “owes it to us” because somehow his success took something from everyone else.

This plague that haunts Joker’s mother and many in Gotham illustrates perfectly one of the final destinations of a socialist state.

. . . And this same plague exists today.

The movie continues to proclaim the evils of a wholly political state by showing the destruction caused by monopoly systems.  The city is being totally overrun by its own filth.  Why?  Because the people of Gotham handed trash pick up to the politicians, and the politicians did what they always aim to achieve:  A monopoly system that requires extortion to operate. 

Striking and allowing an entire city to go to waste is a form of extortion.

This chaos is the result of every monopoly system.  This could never, although, happen in a competitive, capitalist, moral society because in such a society all interactions are voluntary.  There is no need to “strike” when you can simply pack up your things and get hired at a competitor’s establishment.

Finally, the disgusting and useless social services Arthur Fleck (Joker) received while on government assistance promptly ended when other people’s money ran out.  Again, this is an inevitable result of any socialized program.  Although, this would not happen in a voluntary arrangement in which those in need seek out and attempt to earn the help of others.

The overall theme of Joker hits square dead center in the heart of Tea Party principles.  The more political a society, the more impoverished; illuminating the truth that the opposite must be valid as well, and that is — a voluntary, free, and competitive world is the most prosperous.

Joker is a Tea Party favorite with brilliant undertones that illustrate the evils of socialism. Tea Party members all over the country should be grateful for Hollywood’s willingness to show the truth behind the “Democratic Socialism” movement taking momentum in the United States today . . . Even if those behind the movie are not intelligent enough to know they have in fact personified the evils of a non-Tea Party state.

The Worcester Tea Party gives the movie Joker 4.9 out of 5!

An indebted nation is a defeated nation.

At some point over the last generation, the enemies of America realized they cannot defeat a capitalist country like the United States on the battlefield.  So clearly, they went back to the drawing board to start over, and at some point drew the scheme to destroy America by using our naivete and government systems could rot us from within.

On the federal level, this rot is evident.  22 trillion dollars of debt and climbing.  Deficits are surging despite record economic growth in the US.  We are moving rapidly towards paying nothing of our debt down and only paying on the interest, which is the last gasp of fresh air before we become Venezuela; some are calling it a death spiral.

Take it from the leadership of the Worcester Tea Party, changing the country on a Federal level is like pushing on a mountain.  We’ve tried it, countless hours of working late into the night for years.  These efforts, albeit not wholly effective, helped move the needle.  But the reality is that nothing is going to change until we change locally.  Great societies can rot from within, but their healing can begin from within as well.  When the cancer has spread as it has today, the most effective approach is to heal the smallest infection first and move out from there.

Consider this at the barbecues and holiday event you attend.  If you can change one mind that cared enough to speak to you about the real issues affecting Massachusetts, you can create another advocate for a capitalist morality and instantly double your efforts.  He or she will then move forward and double their efforts, quickly and exponentially increasing your influence.

Consider this at the next town meeting or school committee meeting.  Speak up about the debt locally, and the tax burden put upon the shoulders of the productive in society.

Consider this when you hear more about “equitable” housing, seeing “inclusion” used to push more subsidized housing in your neighborhood to bring more burden onto the backs of the Atlases of society.

All of these issues may appear to be trivial in light of the work and effort we must put in just to make ends meet today.  But rest assured, they are all carefully crafted to rot America from within.  The battle lines are drawn and you would be surprise how close they come to your front door. 

John Niewicki
Dean of Information Technology
Worcester Tea Party

“The Shell Game Debunked” A Pro Rank Choice Voting Rebuttal

Recently, we at the Worcester Tea Party sent our monthly newsletter riddled with misinformation about Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), otherwise understood as the Fair Vote.  

Therefore, a rebuttal is prudent:

Claim #1:“The problem is people DO NOT participate!”
We do not need further turnout of voters who are ignorant of the issues and simply vote based upon the identity of the candidates.  RCV DOES turn out the vote of more people, but not just any voters as implied by the prior author.  RCV increases the turnout of educated people who understand the issues because now they have an opportunity to vote for the candidate they truly support as opposed to only the lesser of two evils.  

So in this respect, RCV does turn out more people to vote, but unlike today, these people are activated because they now have an opportunity to cast a ballot based upon the candidate they truly want as opposed to the lesser of two evils.  RCV allows people to make a logical decision without a concern they are throwing away their vote.  

The idea that we simply need more people to vote with no regard for their ability to make a rational decision will only lead to more bad leadership in Massachusetts.

Claim #2: “. . . under RCV the other candidates could rank up their votes until  a second place loser overtakes the original winner.”  
When people rank their votes, they rank them based upon their value system.  Therefore, the idea that someone would rank, say, Donald Trump first and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or any set of candidates that are complete opposites in political disposition) shows a complete lack of understanding of the very premise of RCV.  Therefore, no matter how “candidates could rank up their votes,” if the people do not share in the disposition of those candidates they simply will not rank them.  

Claim #3:“What is a proven fact is in elections you are choosing a winner over a loser.  A vote for candidate A is a vote against candidate B.  This is how elections work!”  
The idea that it is better to have to choose between an actual democrat over a slightly less democrat-like republican than to be able to actually vote one’s conscious is truly silly.  

To most honest voters, the choice in any election between, say, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, John McCain, George Bush, or John Kerry are all bad options, and this is how the Establishment wants it to be.  Why?  Because no matter who loses, the Establishment wins.  Ranked voting breaks this paradigm and places the power back into the hands of the voter because it is then impossible to make the options for office a choice solely between the lesser of two evils. 

Simply stating the elections are about picking a winner over a loser without consideration as to whether either option really represents the will of the people is dangerous.  With Rank Choice Voting, people can truly vote their conscious knowing that if their first choice is eliminated from the race their vote will still count. When such a mindset is put in place, elections become about ideas and not about money and parties, something the Establishment fear more than anything.

John Niewicki
Dean of Information Technology
Worcester Tea Party

Thor by Miyem Supriyati of Flickr

Avengers: Endgame – A Tea Party movie review with NO SPOILERS

Overall, the new Avengers film Endgame takes a long time to ramp up and does not live up to the expectations a superhero film lover expects from a Marvel movie.  It does yet again, though, strike another cord that rings true to the Tea Party Movement’s revolution to renew the core American value that people’s lives are their own, and they are not cogs in another person’s machine.  In other words, no tyrant has the right to force the world to conform to their world vision.

It is evident that the former Avengers movie, Infinity War, underscored the real threat to humanity imposed upon every American via the United Nations entire Sustainable Development initiatives the Worcester Tea Party discusses here.  The newest chapter in this story, Avengers:  Endgame does not hit on such timely circumstances of the world today, but has an inspirational sub-theme that rings true for all who fight for capitalist, American Tea Party values.

At the start of the climax of the film, Thanos muses;

I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive, but you have shown me that’s impossible. As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those, that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist.   

The Tea Party and a handful of other good-government groups “remember what was” and therefore we are the ones who will never be able to accept the vision of the future others wish to impose upon us.  Whether it be the big-government Republicans, the Democrats, Progressives, socialists, or those using concern for the environment as a wedge to rollback the progress and prosperity of capitalism, we must have the eternal vigilance required to save the great American experiment.

As insightfully stated by AntiCorporatism.com in its article, Disrespect for the National Anthem, Suppression of Speech, Violence . . . What is going on? The Answer:;

This is why it is necessary to diminish and then destroy the previously widely accepted perception of America.  By burning flags, destroying monuments, and disrespecting the National Anthem, the enemies of America can begin the long, but necessary steps to ascribe a negative connotation to what it means to be an American.

The political Left understand Thanos’ point in Avengers:  Endgame, albeit not yet to believe in the same violent means to their end.  The political Left understands that if real Americans are allowed to speak their mind and defend their views openly, their desire to impose their will upon them will never succeed.  This is why today we see such a concerted effort to shut down speech and disarm lawful and moral Americans. 

The left understands the stakes and knows that without such actions, they will lose. Therefore, it is imperative that the Worcester Tea Party and all other Tea Parties across America continue to champion the critical moral foundation of capitalism and the preservation of individual rights regardless of the costs. 

Thanos is the epitome of the political Left today, but there are no small group of superheroes to fight them off.  There is only the powerful force of the millions of Tea Party Americans that will remember what was, and therefore fight to preserve the blessings of liberty and freedom for generations to come.

The Deep State is Deadly Serious about Destroying America, and Judge Kavanaugh is Proof

The Deep State is Deadly Serious about Destroying America, and Judge Kavanaugh is Proof

The accusation that any man yesterday, last week, or 36 years ago attempted to forcibly remove a woman’s clothes while smothering her so she could not scream is a serious allegation that deserves the utmost scrutiny.  President Trump and other members of Congress chose yesterday to look into the accusations made by Christine Blasey-Ford, and this is the right thing to do for her and our country.

This stated; the Kavanaugh hearings prove one thing unequivocally:  The Deep State Exists and they are serious about winning.

Setting aside the veracity of Blasey-Ford’s obvious trauma and the sincerity of Kavanaugh’s denials, the way in which this judicial confirmation evolved proves that the Tea Party is winning and the Establishment/Deep State/Globalists are losing.

No matter where anyone falls in regard to the believability of Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh, there is no question:

  1. Blasey-Ford did not want to testify in front of world
  2. Republicans offered and no one told Blasey-Ford they would come to her
  3. Blaséy-Ford did not want her letter released and only a handful of people possessed it
  4. At the time of this writing, there has been zero corroborating evidence or witnesses to support Blasey-Ford

Clearly, the Democrat Party is wholly entrenched in the deep state and an enemy of the people.  Although this is true as well for some Republicans, Lindsey Graham­ and others showed the courage and fortitude needed to stand up and fight.  The courage these people showed and the fire they feel inside was ignited by the Tea Party and we continue to stoke it every day.


The leadership of the Worcester Tea Party asks that this midterm election you find a candidate you trust and believe has America’s interests at heart, and fight for them with all you have.  Our battle to return America back to its founding principles will forever be a fight to be won, we must step it up now while we have them on the ropes.  Please help us by donating today:


Little Pink House:  The Government vs Life, Liberty, and Property “She fought for her home… and yours.”

Little Pink House: The Government vs Life, Liberty, and Property “She fought for her home… and yours.”

A very important film is in limited release currently, and it is worth seeing for the important case of government abuse and it highlights the heroism of those who fought the good fight.  LITTLE PINK HOUSE is based on the true story told in the book Little Pink House: A True Story of Defiance and Courage by Jeff Benedict.

Susette Kelo (wonderfully played by Catherine Keener) was a woman who was winding down her second marriage, and she bought a run-down house and made it into her dream home.  It wasn’t glamorous, but it was modest and had a nice view.  And it was HERS.  She put a lot of work into it and was proud of what she had accomplished.  She was living her American Dream – working hard, saving, taking care of yourself and making a good life for yourself.

The Fort Trumbull area was not a garden spot – it was a working class area.  There was a dilapidated state park and there was a sewage treatment plant.  The neighborhood was filled with many elderly and people of modest means.  As you hear again and again in the movie and book, many of the residents were born there, and many husbands and wives and parents had spent their whole lives there and they wanted to die there.

Life was good.  Then – the government got their grubby hands into it.  The Republican Governor John Rowland (played by Aaron Douglas) was looking to make a positive impression in an economically under-performing Democratic community, New London, Connecticut.  He saw an opportunity for redevelopment.  He and his chief of staff select  a surrogate, New London civic leader “Charlotte Wells” (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn).  She brings into the equation the president of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals who just happens to have a brand new product.  Yes, the movie goer is treated to a short version of a commercial for a “little blue pill” (Viagra) which will enlarge many things, including their business, bottom line and need for additional office and research space.

Note that many of the characters identified do not have their real names in the movie.  “Charlotte Wells” is actually Dr. Claire Gaudiani, who was president of the New London Development Corporation (NLDC) and also president of Connecticut College.  I am assuming this is to avoid lawsuits about their portrayals on the big screen.  Some of the “behind the scenes” actions of the “bad guys” are unknown, so individual acts of evil can only be guessed.  But their ultimate evil ends which are inflicted upon the residents of Fort Trumbull were VERY REAL.

Susette Kelo and her fellow “good guys” can, of course, be named.  There is a property and store owner Billy Von Winkle (played by Colin Cunningham) and antique dealer/second-hand store owner Tim Leblanc (nicely played by Callum Keith Rennie) who eventually becomes involved with Susette.  They lead a normal life until they start hearing about the plans for change in Fort Trumbull.  When they start hearing about eminent domain, a “trailer” that was played  for “Little Pink House at the Anthem Film Festival Trailer” has a good clip from the movie about how this was an outrageous abuse of Eminent Domain – it was not for a “public good” but simply a taking for another private party (NLDC on behalf of Pfizer).

White Knight – The Institute for Justice

At this point Susette Kelo starts becoming an activists, and asks Lloyd Beachy (Garry Chalk), the mayor of New London, to help them.  He brings in the Eminent Domain – a non-profit legal .foundation which works on behalf of issues involving free speech, economic liberty, educational choice, property rights and liberty.  Here is a link to their information on the Kelo case:  Kelo Eminent Domain – Institute for Justice.  The lead attorney in the case is Scott Bullock (Giacomo Baessato), and some of the other “good guys” are Dana Berliner (Miranda Frigon) and IJ President Chip Mellor (Gardiner Millar).  [NOTE:  Institute for Justice also took on the Motel Caswell Civil Asset Forfeiture (IJ.org link) case from Tewksbury Massachusetts – and won!].

Well, not to give the whole movie away…  They took the case to court, there was a “half win” (half the families keep their homes;half do not). A very much divided (4-3) State Supreme Court verdict, NOT in Kelo’s favor. And then, because there just happened to be a similar (with an opposite outcome) case in Detroit, their chances went from one in a hundred to – fifty-fifty. And thenoff they were to the Supreme Court.

There are many moving parts in the movie, that make you want to gasp in horror, and when, if you are an empathetic person, you want to cry for some of the tribulations Susette goes through.  She is a reluctant activist, a plain spoken person who does not feel comfortable in the spotlight.  And you should read the book – she is much more of a hero than the movie lets on.  (I’m not putting the movie down at all – there are only so many things you can fit into a movie).

The movie covers about two thirds of the book.  The remainder of the book tells further tales of struggles and heroism, of battling big and out of control government.  About the activism undertaken by the Institute for Justice – part of their “Liberty in Action” efforts.  It is summed up in some of the post script portions of the movie – about the 40+ states which have enacted laws to reign in Eminent Domain abuse (including New Hampshire; but excluding Connecticut).

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  For my first viewing, because it was not in the Boston area, I went to Fort Trumbull, to the “scene of the crime.”  It is still an empty lot, where a community had once stood.  The Fort Trumbull State Park looks better than described, and you can see the views that were stolen from Susette Kelo. I took a few “souvenirs – a couple of brick fragments, a broken piece of pottery.  Just a few artifacts from this tomb where some of our freedoms died.  Then I went to the Kelo House – reconstructed by moving it board by board to a location roughly a mile away. Including the stone pillar with “NOT FOR SALE” carved into it!

The second time I saw it was in Cambridge, to help refresh my memory for writing this review.   The only reason I mention this is that playing at the theater was the movie RBG – #RBGMovie – singing the praises of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Ironic – on one theater screen, she is being lauded, and in the other, she was playing (in my mind) an agent of a major evil.

See the movie, and cheer.  Read the book, and be motivated to become or continue on as an activist.  All government abuses must be fought, and if citizens of the caliber of Susette Kelo continue to stand up, we can continue to attempt to reign in out-of-control government.

Normally reviewers are reluctant to give out “5 stars.”  At a minimum it deserves 4.5 stars.  Since the producers included a scene they idealized about where the disgraced governor was when he finds out the results of the Kelo verdict, I’m bumping it up to 5 stars. (you have to see the movie to find out what the reference is about).

Some other tidbits:

John Stossel has followed the case for years, and has a great case update and review:  Stossel: Little Pink House – Reason.com. Link:  LITTLE PINK HOUSE Official Trailer.  The Kelo Case – several update videos from the Institute for Justice:  Kelo: Five Years Later The Story of Susette Kelo Kelo and Its Aftermath: 10 Year Anniversary.  From the Cato Institute:  Kelo v. City of New London and The Kelo Decision Ten Years Later.  A link about the movie being made:  Reason.TV – Kelo Decision Coming to Big Screen in Little Pink House – YouTube.  Link regarding the Kelo House on its current site:  Historic Buildings of Connecticut » Blog Archive » The Kelo House (1890).

Reviews and news of Little Pink House – with pictures of Susette Kelo’s home where it should still be, but is not:  Hartford Courant: George F. Will: Go See New London’s ‘Little Pink House‘  Mercury News: ‘Little Pink House’: The real story behind the movie  USA Today: ‘Little Pink House’ eminent domain case deserves more attention  Today show:  This woman’s ‘Little Pink House’ was taken away by the government – TODAY.com

– Patrick Humphries – President of the Greater Boston Tea Party

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Illustrates the Immorality that is the foundation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Initiatives

Worcester TeaParty movie review of Avengers: Infinity WarMarvel’s latest movie, Avengers: Infinity War will open up every American’s eyes to the horror being imposed upon the United States and all countries via the United Nations’ Sustainable Development initiatives.  Also referred to as Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, the new Avengers’ movie addresses this somewhat complicated topic in a thrilling and entertaining way.  The Worcester Tea Party strongly recommends this fantastic film.

The supervillain of the movie, Thanos, parallels exactly the immoral justification of the UN planners’ efforts to impose the misnomered “Sustainable Development” initiatives upon every sovereign nation.  The underlying concept is based upon the belief that the human race is destroying the planet, and therefore our proliferation and use of the Earth’s resources must be controlled by a centralized authority.

In the real world, this would be the Elites and Globalist that comprise the United Nations.  In Infinity War, it would be the antagonist, Thanos.  Both equally as evil.

In an exchange with Gamora, a woman he viewed as his daughter, Thanos proclaims, “I saved you,” in which Gamora replies tearfully that her people were happy the way they were, but regardless Thanos murdered half of them.  Thanos then justifies his actions by claiming it was, “A small price to pay for salvation . . . Going to bed hungry, scrounging for scraps? Your planet was on the brink of collapse. I was the one who stopped that. You know what’s happened since then? The children born have known nothing but full bellies and clear skies. It’s a paradise.”

Gamora replies simply, “You’re insane.”

The justifications for Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 and the disposition of the entire UN Sustainable Development initiatives are founded in the idea that the middle class and our single family homeownership creates environmentally unfriendly “sprawl” because each home must have its own septic, water supply, and “greenspace” (land) to exist. Read more

Tea Party Movie Review of Black Panther: The epitome of racist, collectivist paranoia

the Worcester Tea Party eagle soars movie ratings meeterThe popular and critically acclaimed movie, Black Panther, is a fantastic opportunity for the Tea Party to finally review a movie that portrays extremely well the horrors of collectivism, paranoia, racism, and any non-capitalist government.  The movie from the outset is firmly settled on a foundation of monarchy and wholly concerned about the racist concept that a person’s genetic makeup or their family right is a license to rule over others.  The film even goes so far as to state that the power vested in the land should be used to protect “people who look like us” from their oppressors, further underscoring the racist and collectivist overtones of the movie.

The plot reinforces these concepts by a strict adherence to family rule, and the fact that the only option to transform leadership is by initiating force and defeating the king.

Much of the movie is set in the Kingdom of Wakanda, which is idolized as a paradise; joyous and prosperous because of an all powerful alien mineral buried in their land from a meteorite that smashed into the Earth centuries prior.  The mineral, vibranium, is the foundation of their leaders’ great power and the foundation of the super science they were able to create.

The Kingdom, though, is isolated by its paranoia and desire to conceal its great gift.  Wakanda’s only export is spies, so they can keep the secrets of their super science and their limitless supply of vibranium to themselves. Read more

15:17 to Paris: A Tea Party Movie Review

15:17 to Paris a Worcester Tea Party Movie ReviewThe film 15:17 to Paris is a very unique film by Clint Eastwood.  Although the plot was nothing very new, the fact that the heroes in the movie were not played by actors but the actual men who witnessed the event, made the movie appear more authentic and true to the events surrounding that day.

In a nutshell, the movie is about the events of August 21, 2015 that transpired on a train between Amsterdam and Paris where three Americans disarmed and stopped a terrorist attack and preformed first aid on an injured victim.  The film attempts to fit an event that encompassed 20 – 30 minutes into a two-hour film, so much of the movie focuses how the men met as children and their lives growing up.  This made the film slow at times, particularly when one intends to see an action film.

Tea Party-wise, it is the underlying theme that makes this movie special.  As Tea Party activists, we can relate and understand this theme better than others.  This quote from the movie sums it up perfectly:

“Do you ever just feel like life is catapulting you towards something, some greater purpose?” 

In our case, this of course extends to our fight to restore our republic to its capitalist roots so that our children will know and understand the blessings of liberty.  In the movie, it was these men and the great courage and strength they exemplified to save hundreds of passengers on a train.

The movie, at its core, is an ode to the common man, the average everyday people who rise to the occasion and do great things.  In keeping with that concept the film has a wonderful Cinema Verite feel to it and it is devoid of tricky camera work, special effects, or CGI.  It is a remarkable cinematic event, and speaks to the fact that people are capable of ruling themselves as well as speaks to many of the core foundational principles that our nation was founded.

The Tea Party gives this film 3 out of 5 stars.  Although a wonderfully courageous story with a very realistic twist by having the actual heroes play their own parts in the movie and a nice sub-theme all Tea Party supporters understand, the gaps in action made the movie hard to sit through at times.

Star Wars “The Last Jedi” Tea Party Review

Capitalist's review of Star Wars the last jedi
Worcester Tea Party Eagle sores review of Star Wars The Last Jedi 2017

Historically, Star Wars perpetuated the concept that a person’s lineage and “bloodline” was a major factor in a person’s abilities; a concept rooted in racism.  Although this was likely not the intent of those who wrote the Star Wars scripts, this concept was always an underlying theme through each trilogy.

The Star Wars writers cannot separate themselves from this concept entirely, but The Last Jedi makes a sincere attempt to show that others not born to people with special attributes can achieve great things.  The main characters Finn, Rey, and Poe thus far are not portrayed as superheroes propped up by their genetic inheritance, making The Last Jedi the more morally sound iteration of the saga, and therefore better from a capitalist’s perspective.

Curtailing the Focus on Racist Undertones of Bloodline Determinism

Fortunately, the newest Star Wars saga turns away from this concept to a larger degree than in the past, and yet continues to paint individuality and freedom in a negative light.  Still we witness that the most powerful characters in the movie, Kilo Ren and Luke Skywalker both are inheritors of The Forces due to their ancestry and not their desire to cultivate it by their own effort.

As with all Star Wars iterations, the movie was enjoyable in many different ways.  The Last Jedi has an expansive sense of cinematography that is very visually exciting.  There is a lot of adrenaline pumping action.  The plot is familiar and most of the familiar characters return, and The Last Jedi introduces several interesting new ones as well.

Ascribing a Negative Connotation to Individualism

Our heroes Finn and Rey of the Resistance find a scoundrel code hacker necessary to flee a trap set by the Empire.  Named DJ, it has been claimed the hacker’s name is an acronym for his memorial declaration in the movie, “don’t join.”  After they escape from the casino planet Canto Bight aboard a stolen spaceship, they take a moment to review how the owner of the ship gathered all his wealth.  DJ hacks the ship’s commuter to find out that the owner was an arms merchant and had sold weapons to both the First Order and the Resistance.  It is at this point DJ delivers the best line in the film in which he proclaims the reality we see today politically, implying there is evil on all sides of the war and in turn proclaims, “It’s all a machine, partner.  Live free, don’t join.”

In the same way that the Democrats have tried to change the brand of liberal to progressive, in this movie the Sith Lord changed the brand from the Empire to the First-Order, while keeping all the interstellar oppression and warmongering.  Conversely, we see a rebranding of the Jedi movement from the Rebel Alliance to the Resistance (alluding to present day politics possibly?).

The idea of not choosing sides may not seem to fit with the overall principles of the Tea Party Movement, but any true and honest capitalist must conclude that in modern politics BOTH parties have evil and immoral elements.  Therefore, despite DJ’s eventual betrayal of good, the concept of being loyal to one’s values and not a group or team is the foundation of Tea Party principles.


Overall, the Worcester Tea Party sees The Last Jedi as an entertaining movie and truly in the spirit of Star Wars that so many of us anticipate with great eagerness.  But in light of how we have matured since our younger years of enjoying Star Wars films, and our witnessing of the true dangers of collectivism and conformity, we cannot give The Last Jedi a very strong Tea Party rating when considered through the spectrum of a capitalist and moral society.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

John Niewicki