The Deep State is Deadly Serious about Destroying America, and Judge Kavanaugh is Proof

The accusation that any man yesterday, last week, or 36 years ago attempted to forcibly remove a woman’s clothes while smothering her so she could not scream is a serious allegation that deserves the utmost scrutiny.  President Trump and other members of Congress chose yesterday to look into the accusations made by Christine Blasey-Ford, and this is the right thing to do for her and our country.

This stated; the Kavanaugh hearings prove one thing unequivocally:  The Deep State Exists and they are serious about winning.

Setting aside the veracity of Blasey-Ford’s obvious trauma and the sincerity of Kavanaugh’s denials, the way in which this judicial confirmation evolved proves that the Tea Party is winning and the Establishment/Deep State/Globalists are losing.

No matter where anyone falls in regard to the believability of Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh, there is no question:

  1. Blasey-Ford did not want to testify in front of world
  2. Republicans offered and no one told Blasey-Ford they would come to her
  3. Blaséy-Ford did not want her letter released and only a handful of people possessed it
  4. At the time of this writing, there has been zero corroborating evidence or witnesses to support Blasey-Ford

Clearly, the Democrat Party is wholly entrenched in the deep state and an enemy of the people.  Although this is true as well for some Republicans, Lindsey Graham­ and others showed the courage and fortitude needed to stand up and fight.  The courage these people showed and the fire they feel inside was ignited by the Tea Party and we continue to stoke it every day.


The leadership of the Worcester Tea Party asks that this midterm election you find a candidate you trust and believe has America’s interests at heart, and fight for them with all you have.  Our battle to return America back to its founding principles will forever be a fight to be won, we must step it up now while we have them on the ropes.  Please help us by donating today: