Worcester Tea Party Massachusetts review of Joker 2019

Joker: A Worcester Tea Party Movie Review

Joker lives up to the hype with an excellent backstory of the Batman saga.  The movie illustrates the slippery slope life takes when nearly all decisions in a society are political.  The movie comes frighteningly close to today’s unfortunate reality. 

Without any spoilers, the movie overall takes one from a sympathy for the devil theme squarely into Joker territory, brilliantly.  As the city becomes overwhelmed with crime and waste of all kind, the only hope the city has is a politician who can swim in the filth. 

Thomas Wayne is poised to be the hero to all those in despair throughout Gotham when Joker’s mother proclaims that everybody believes he will save their city.  When asked ‘everybody, who?’  She replies, “Everybody on the news. He’s the only one who can save the city.  He owes it to us.”

Herein we see the deep-seated immorality of an almost wholly political state.  Those who choose to live in a society that willingly surrenders such power to the government can only do so by a deep lack of self esteem and fear of having to live with the consequences of one’s actions.  Therefore, of course, “Everybody on the news” is every opinion, and [Wayne] “owes it to us” because somehow his success took something from everyone else.

This plague that haunts Joker’s mother and many in Gotham illustrates perfectly one of the final destinations of a socialist state.

. . . And this same plague exists today.

The movie continues to proclaim the evils of a wholly political state by showing the destruction caused by monopoly systems.  The city is being totally overrun by its own filth.  Why?  Because the people of Gotham handed trash pick up to the politicians, and the politicians did what they always aim to achieve:  A monopoly system that requires extortion to operate. 

Striking and allowing an entire city to go to waste is a form of extortion.

This chaos is the result of every monopoly system.  This could never, although, happen in a competitive, capitalist, moral society because in such a society all interactions are voluntary.  There is no need to “strike” when you can simply pack up your things and get hired at a competitor’s establishment.

Finally, the disgusting and useless social services Arthur Fleck (Joker) received while on government assistance promptly ended when other people’s money ran out.  Again, this is an inevitable result of any socialized program.  Although, this would not happen in a voluntary arrangement in which those in need seek out and attempt to earn the help of others.

The overall theme of Joker hits square dead center in the heart of Tea Party principles.  The more political a society, the more impoverished; illuminating the truth that the opposite must be valid as well, and that is — a voluntary, free, and competitive world is the most prosperous.

Joker is a Tea Party favorite with brilliant undertones that illustrate the evils of socialism. Tea Party members all over the country should be grateful for Hollywood’s willingness to show the truth behind the “Democratic Socialism” movement taking momentum in the United States today . . . Even if those behind the movie are not intelligent enough to know they have in fact personified the evils of a non-Tea Party state.

The Worcester Tea Party gives the movie Joker 4.9 out of 5!

Happy Independence Day – American Exceptionalism!  

The Fourth of July is like a number of other holidays where people are admonished to “remember the reason for the season.”  

On the Fourth of July we should cherish the tremendous gift of freedom and liberty passed on to us by our Founding Fathers.  An increasing number of people in this country are complacent – not seeing America as exceptional in current context nor in a historical context.  Many see our imperfections as a reason for drastic change.

The Founding Fathers established a government of “We The People” – it was a new and untried idea.  The Declaration of Independence, adopted on the Fourth of July, began the united colonies’ efforts in the War of Independence.  The Declaration of Independence was ground-breaking in its assertion that:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

Prepared to sacrifice all.
Such a “Declaration of Independence” was treason and heresy against the King of England (also the leader of the Church of England).  The 56 signers were risking their lives, essentially signing their death warrants.  They were for the most part affluent with everything to lose.

What happened to those men?  Many lost their lives, families, and fortunes, but NOT their sacred honor.  Radio legend Paul Harvey details it in his talk Our Lives Our Fortunes Our Sacred Honor .  Rush Limbaugh’s father gave an excellent speech entitled The Americans Who Risked Everything (text) which was read by Senator Ted Cruz as he filibustered Obamacare.

After a long war, and the successful separation from England, what did the Founding Fathers do? 

The Founding Fathers could have easily created their own nobility, but, for the first time in the history of the world, they turned over the task of governing to “We The People.” Our government was designed to be as inconsequential as possible, to be simple, with power vested in the people and at lowest levels of government closest to the issues to be addressed.

Socialism in vogue?
Today, in listening to polls, you hear that half the women, half the millennials, and apparently most of the Democrat candidates are in favor of Socialism. Most of those who support it think it is primarily “free stuff” for and taking care of people, more government services (see Most Socialists Can’t Even Define Their Own Ideology).  The reality is very different. Just look at Venezuela. The government runs amok, and the economy and society are collapsing. John Stossel notes Venezuela IS Socialism – riches to rags.

The solution – REDEDICATING ourselves to The Declaration of Independence
Read the Declaration of Independence or you can listen to a dramatic reading by a number of actors for the Bicentennial.  It sets forth the principles of self governance, individual liberty and freedom from tyranny later enshrined in United States Constitution.  The majority of The Declaration of Independence is a listing of grievances against the King and British rule – and the tyrannies of too much government intrusion and the running of the lives of (what should be) free men.

Many of those tyrannies and grievances are similar to what we are experiencing NOW.  The solution for too much government is NOT more oppressive government. The solution is a return to the limited government which our Founding Fathers established and set forth for us.

Patrick Humphries
Greater Boston Tea Party

The Deep State is Deadly Serious about Destroying America, and Judge Kavanaugh is Proof

The Deep State is Deadly Serious about Destroying America, and Judge Kavanaugh is Proof

The accusation that any man yesterday, last week, or 36 years ago attempted to forcibly remove a woman’s clothes while smothering her so she could not scream is a serious allegation that deserves the utmost scrutiny.  President Trump and other members of Congress chose yesterday to look into the accusations made by Christine Blasey-Ford, and this is the right thing to do for her and our country.

This stated; the Kavanaugh hearings prove one thing unequivocally:  The Deep State Exists and they are serious about winning.

Setting aside the veracity of Blasey-Ford’s obvious trauma and the sincerity of Kavanaugh’s denials, the way in which this judicial confirmation evolved proves that the Tea Party is winning and the Establishment/Deep State/Globalists are losing.

No matter where anyone falls in regard to the believability of Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh, there is no question:

  1. Blasey-Ford did not want to testify in front of world
  2. Republicans offered and no one told Blasey-Ford they would come to her
  3. Blaséy-Ford did not want her letter released and only a handful of people possessed it
  4. At the time of this writing, there has been zero corroborating evidence or witnesses to support Blasey-Ford

Clearly, the Democrat Party is wholly entrenched in the deep state and an enemy of the people.  Although this is true as well for some Republicans, Lindsey Graham­ and others showed the courage and fortitude needed to stand up and fight.  The courage these people showed and the fire they feel inside was ignited by the Tea Party and we continue to stoke it every day.


The leadership of the Worcester Tea Party asks that this midterm election you find a candidate you trust and believe has America’s interests at heart, and fight for them with all you have.  Our battle to return America back to its founding principles will forever be a fight to be won, we must step it up now while we have them on the ropes.  Please help us by donating today:


Tea Party Movie Review of Black Panther: The epitome of racist, collectivist paranoia

the Worcester Tea Party eagle soars movie ratings meeterThe popular and critically acclaimed movie, Black Panther, is a fantastic opportunity for the Tea Party to finally review a movie that portrays extremely well the horrors of collectivism, paranoia, racism, and any non-capitalist government.  The movie from the outset is firmly settled on a foundation of monarchy and wholly concerned about the racist concept that a person’s genetic makeup or their family right is a license to rule over others.  The film even goes so far as to state that the power vested in the land should be used to protect “people who look like us” from their oppressors, further underscoring the racist and collectivist overtones of the movie.

The plot reinforces these concepts by a strict adherence to family rule, and the fact that the only option to transform leadership is by initiating force and defeating the king.

Much of the movie is set in the Kingdom of Wakanda, which is idolized as a paradise; joyous and prosperous because of an all powerful alien mineral buried in their land from a meteorite that smashed into the Earth centuries prior.  The mineral, vibranium, is the foundation of their leaders’ great power and the foundation of the super science they were able to create.

The Kingdom, though, is isolated by its paranoia and desire to conceal its great gift.  Wakanda’s only export is spies, so they can keep the secrets of their super science and their limitless supply of vibranium to themselves. Read more

15:17 to Paris: A Tea Party Movie Review

15:17 to Paris a Worcester Tea Party Movie ReviewThe film 15:17 to Paris is a very unique film by Clint Eastwood.  Although the plot was nothing very new, the fact that the heroes in the movie were not played by actors but the actual men who witnessed the event, made the movie appear more authentic and true to the events surrounding that day.

In a nutshell, the movie is about the events of August 21, 2015 that transpired on a train between Amsterdam and Paris where three Americans disarmed and stopped a terrorist attack and preformed first aid on an injured victim.  The film attempts to fit an event that encompassed 20 – 30 minutes into a two-hour film, so much of the movie focuses how the men met as children and their lives growing up.  This made the film slow at times, particularly when one intends to see an action film.

Tea Party-wise, it is the underlying theme that makes this movie special.  As Tea Party activists, we can relate and understand this theme better than others.  This quote from the movie sums it up perfectly:

“Do you ever just feel like life is catapulting you towards something, some greater purpose?” 

In our case, this of course extends to our fight to restore our republic to its capitalist roots so that our children will know and understand the blessings of liberty.  In the movie, it was these men and the great courage and strength they exemplified to save hundreds of passengers on a train.

The movie, at its core, is an ode to the common man, the average everyday people who rise to the occasion and do great things.  In keeping with that concept the film has a wonderful Cinema Verite feel to it and it is devoid of tricky camera work, special effects, or CGI.  It is a remarkable cinematic event, and speaks to the fact that people are capable of ruling themselves as well as speaks to many of the core foundational principles that our nation was founded.

The Tea Party gives this film 3 out of 5 stars.  Although a wonderfully courageous story with a very realistic twist by having the actual heroes play their own parts in the movie and a nice sub-theme all Tea Party supporters understand, the gaps in action made the movie hard to sit through at times.

The Addiction of Character Assasination Politics

Humans have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with destruction. War is probably the most loathed of the various acts of destruction. Loss of a relationship, parent, child, sibling all fall under some form of destruction and no one wishes any such losses upon any one. That is unless you are in the business of destruction.

Read more

Red Pill Politics Returns To The Internet

    I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Dave Kopacz in 2012. He was working with the Rand Paul crowd and the Liberty Clubhouse on the 8th floor of Brad Wyatt’s old building in Worcester Mass.. He was so gracious to invite me to many events over the next couple of years. In 2014 he came to my Candidate’s Symposium at that same building and brought so many people with him to make that event shine.

In 2016 I was honored to be asked to film his 2nd Amendment Rally in Belchertown Mass. The link that begins the many speakers filmed is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFP…
Dave has now asked me to once again come and film, hook up sound and witness the two great Americans who carry on the legacy of their Patriarch. On Feb 18th at the AMVETS in Haverhill Mass; wife and daughter Jeanette and Challice Finicum will wind up their Northeast visit to speak once again about the tragedy of the murder of their husband/father at the hands of Obama’s BLM and FBI; Lavoy Finicum.
Dave himself has been targeted by government, police and has been the target of Mass Republican Politics as well leading up to the split in the Mass Republican Assembly. That split was one of the major causes of Charlie Baker being elected as our Governor over Mark Fisher. I have interviewed Mark twice on my show. I was (also) thrown out of the same amount of events held by Baker’s campaign team. This pales in comparison to what Dave has gone through.
So, I write this piece in Solidarity of Red Pill Politics. At two opposite ends Dave and I have worked hard to bring politcal sense to this state by way of our broadcasts. Dave was a major influence of mine. I watched him work his magic at The Liberty Clubhouse and on Youtube. It was watching him that I got the idea of my own Network. Dave Kopacz and Red Pill Politics was one of the original, Liberty online broadcasts here in Massachusetts and has spurred on many. Those who have, can only claim to be following in his footsteps, including me.
It has been far too long since Red Pill Politics returned to the Internet. On February 18th, it will…
Dean Of Journalism
Christopher Maider
The Meat And Potatoes Show
From Here On Out.

From Here On Out.


With the inauguration of the 45th President there is now a sea change in the way our nation’s government will run. From this point forward it will become incrementally difficult for elements within and without to counter a surge of Americanism, Patriotism and accountability of our elected. As I have stated on my radio show and on my many blog postings it was virtually impossible for grassroots candidates to get a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting on the ballot let alone elected. Once and a great while we would see a win in some far flung district but, that was it.

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