An indebted nation is a defeated nation.

At some point over the last generation, the enemies of America realized they cannot defeat a capitalist country like the United States on the battlefield.  So clearly, they went back to the drawing board to start over, and at some point drew the scheme to destroy America by using our naivete and government systems could rot us from within.

On the federal level, this rot is evident.  22 trillion dollars of debt and climbing.  Deficits are surging despite record economic growth in the US.  We are moving rapidly towards paying nothing of our debt down and only paying on the interest, which is the last gasp of fresh air before we become Venezuela; some are calling it a death spiral.

Take it from the leadership of the Worcester Tea Party, changing the country on a Federal level is like pushing on a mountain.  We’ve tried it, countless hours of working late into the night for years.  These efforts, albeit not wholly effective, helped move the needle.  But the reality is that nothing is going to change until we change locally.  Great societies can rot from within, but their healing can begin from within as well.  When the cancer has spread as it has today, the most effective approach is to heal the smallest infection first and move out from there.

Consider this at the barbecues and holiday event you attend.  If you can change one mind that cared enough to speak to you about the real issues affecting Massachusetts, you can create another advocate for a capitalist morality and instantly double your efforts.  He or she will then move forward and double their efforts, quickly and exponentially increasing your influence.

Consider this at the next town meeting or school committee meeting.  Speak up about the debt locally, and the tax burden put upon the shoulders of the productive in society.

Consider this when you hear more about “equitable” housing, seeing “inclusion” used to push more subsidized housing in your neighborhood to bring more burden onto the backs of the Atlases of society.

All of these issues may appear to be trivial in light of the work and effort we must put in just to make ends meet today.  But rest assured, they are all carefully crafted to rot America from within.  The battle lines are drawn and you would be surprise how close they come to your front door. 

John Niewicki
Dean of Information Technology
Worcester Tea Party