Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!

A recent article in the Mail Online reported on a study showing that people who hold “extremist” political views were healthier than people with moderate or centrist views.   The study found that both far right and far left leaners were more active, exercised more, and spent less time sitting than those with little interest in politics.   Those people in the middle are not just figuratively sitting on the fence.    They are literally sitting on their butts.

I don’t like the term that the article used to describe politically active people: “extremist”.   I surely don’t feel like an extremist.   If anything, I think that my views are pretty mainstream.

What earned us the smear of “extremists”?   It’s meant to be an insult, to tie activists to some kind of lunacy because we don’t conform to state mandated thought.

We are not wishy-washy and obedient non-thinkers.   Most of us have a philosophical foundation for our view of the world and we’re willing to act on it.   We are not willing to compromise our values for feel good outcomes.   We don’t like spineless hypocrites who have no principles to stand on.   We know that our “place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat”.

So, in making your New Year’s resolutions, pledge yourself to continue to exercise your power as a citizen activist.   It’s good for your country and it’s good for your health.

In Liberty,
Ken Mandile