There is a time for everything, a time to be silent and a time to speak.

On Thursday, we hosted a viewing of Michelle Malkin’s Rocky Mountain Heist at our January meeting.   The movie exposes how the wealthy left was able to seize power in Colorado.   The “Colorado Plan” wasn’t just a strategy to win a few seats in the state legislature.   It was a brutal and thuggish plot to wipe conservatives and moderates from every office in the state.   Rocky Mountain Heist discussed how four wealthy Progressives were able to pool their money to build a political machine unlike any before it.

The Colorado Plan was so successful, that it is now being replicated,  state by state, to weaken the Republic.

The good news is that there are many forces opposing this quiet revolution.   It’s also good that we have resources like this movie to inform us about the threats that we face.  This “intelligence” is an important tool in resisting the latte liberals who oppose liberty.

Even greater news is that we are already starting to see the collapse of the Colorado Plan.  As the Progressives took over, their ideas were put to the test and, as expected, they failed.

The Tea Party movement doesn’t enjoy the luxury of having wealthy benefactors.  Our one luxury is a set of principles that have been tested by time, principles that have made America great.

As individuals, we can do our part to elect leaders who honestly believe in these principles of  limited constitutional government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility, but our most important goal is to teach the beauty of living free.  Wealthy Progressives will always be able to buy an election now and then.   We should expose them when they do, but their wins will be short lived if we dedicate ourselves to keeping the idea of liberty alive.   That is a challenging, honorable, and important task.  It is one that cannot be stopped by wealthy leftists who try to put chains on us.   In this new year, live free, speak freely, and have faith that liberty will always win.
In Liberty,
Ken Mandile