Worcester Tea Party on Video

June 2016 Free Education Event:
How “The Wizard of IZ” teaches the Dismal Science

The dismal science” is a derogatory alternative name for economics. What we need is to use humor to help people learn the basic principles economics. Come hear Loren Spivack, the Free Market Warrior, speak on capitalism, socialism, and freedom! Spivack studied history and political science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; he served as a charity fundraiser and a management and marketing consultant before founding Free Market Warrior. Loren brings his wit and wisdom to the following topics:

Intellectual and Historical Roots of Socialism
The Intellectual and Historical Roots of Capitalism
Applying the Principles of Freedom to the Problems of Today

May 2016 Free Education Event:
Tales of Lobbyists and Tourists

The Worcester Tea Party is honored to present two leaders of the Tea Party Movement with excitingly different topics to tell us about.


How to be a Hobbyist Lobbyist
Mike Puyana has been lobbying in Rhode Island, with some great results.
He will share his story and tell how to us get started Lobbying here in Massachusetts.