Another story about Google

The world is in uproar over the Google “Manifesto” written by now ex-Google employee, James Damore. And when I say the world is in uproar, I really mean leftist institutions and the mainstream media, all of which clearly did not read the memo before lambasting the creator as anti-diversity, and more so, anti-woman. If you haven’t had the chance to read the memo for yourself, please do. Any rational person will quickly see the psychosis of the left before leaving the first page. As a contextual side note, I hate to use the term “left” or “right” as it often sells either group short, or is too inclusive, but sometimes I find there to be a lack of a better word and therefore stick with the norm for the sake of ease of read.

This brief missive is not about the contents of the manifesto, but about the fact that this employee was used as an example of what happens to dissenting points of views in today’s workplace, nay, society. In today’s world, science doesn’t equate with truth, (at least if you read anything the Slate puts out) and anything that offends someone is deemed offensive and should be banned and the offender degraded to the lowest rungs of society, even if what was said/done is not offensive in purpose or intent, (yes, there is a difference).
As American citizens, the first amendment applies to us all. We accept that there can be consequences to free speech, and Google can fire someone for exercising their right to freedom of speech if they don’t like it, (maybe: CA is an at-will state, but if there proves to be discrimination involved in the decision to fire, we are talking another story). This is a larger issue of people in positions of control using their power to silence dissenting views. This is what happened to James Damore. Every American should be up in arms about this, and very concerned. Not only did Google move to make an example of what would happen if you don’t drink the Kool-Aid, but the mainstream media moved to put him out for public consumption, grossly distorted what was written, and provided no context. This man’s life is forever altered, over thoughts that were very eloquently and politely stated, as well as rationally and scientifically based, because it did not follow the narrative that the left, the mainstream media, and Silicon Valley are trying to desperately shove down our throats. Every American should stand in solidarity with Damore, even if they don’t agree with what he said, on principle alone, and for one reason: the first amendment applies to us all. It is a fundamental right, and you can’t pick and choose when it applies and when it does not, even if companies like Google would like to do so.